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MRP School Presentation

About Us I was a scholar athlete in High School, a hedge fund manager in my 20’s and had lost everything to an IV heroin addiction by the age of 29.  I have been in recovery since July 19th 2010 and through my work of helping many families and individuals find treatment as an interventionist, I have seen the need for a quality drug and alcohol education program in the schools.  I have had the opportunity to view multiple school programs and interview many top professionals in the field of addiction through my web radio show, and together with my associate Samantha Bell., I put together a program that not only educates the students on the dangers of drug use, but also instills in them character traits that make the community a better place in whole.  Throughout the presentation Samantha and I teach what we learned from our drug use, while sharing our life stories and what we have learned that has helped us find success in our own lives.


MRP School Program Mission:  To create a continuously improving drug and alcohol education program that creates a positive impact in the school by getting the students educated about substance abuse and involved in making the school and their communities a better place.


What our school program includes:

-  2 hours of presentation time with students which includes 30 plus slide presentation (the school may choose to do one presentation with questions after or 2 separate presentations.)

- One hour of time after with faculty as focus group following presentation to answer questions, educate on signs of drug usage and discuss possible solutions.

-  School banner with school logo and pledge to be hung in H.S. lobby to be signed by all students who take the pledge to remain drug and alcohol free.

-  Surveys of metrics which show what the students learned and how beneficial the program was.  We compile all the data and send you a printout within 2 weeks to show what areas the students thought were beneficial.

- Can provide treatment/counseling solutions for the school’s students and families for an extra charge.

* School health class programs coming soon!


What our school program focuses on:

-   Samantha Bell's and Jacob Jansen’s personal stories of drug use and recovery

-   What active and passive peer pressure is and multiple ways to deal with it

-   Gateway substances and the connection between prescription pills and heroin

-   Positive work ethic and what is success

-   Being a good person and what that means, giving back, volunteer, anti-bullying  

-   How to get help for a drug or alcohol problem and who is available


Cost: We will work with any school to try to provide funding if it cannot be afforded.  Please call 262-290-1072 for more information.


We have a passion in our recovery for educating students and families about the dangers of addiction and how it causes problems.  We look forward to working with you soon to help make your school and community a better place.


A Bit More From Samantha Bell

Hello, my name is Samantha Bell, and I am a graduate of Milwaukee Area Technical College holding a Liberal Arts and Science Human Service Degree.  As an individual in recovery myself, I have great passion to help others fighting to stay clean and better their lives.  Every day is a challenge, but incredibly rewarding knowing I have the potential to make a difference in someone's life.  My experiences through my addiction, and my journey through recovery have given me great credibility and relate-ability.  My future aspirations include becoming a certified life coach and a nationally certified Interventionist while building lifelong relationships in this amazing field of helping others. 

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